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“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” 
--- Rachel Carson, Conservationist

Have you ever wondered how natural landscapes such as meandering rivers are formed? Or where and how is an iPhone made? In the world confounded with polarising views on climate change, how can we make sense of inter-connected phenomena and better prepare societies in mitigating hazards? The TJC Geography Department invites you to explore and make sense of the Blue Marble from a geographical perspective!


Geography, or geographia in Greek, literally means writing about the Earth. At Temasek JC, our programme aims to instill a spatial and temporal awareness that sensitizes our students to the wonderful and intriguing world around them. Through analysing the interrelations between the physical and human world, we equip students with the necessary skills to look at the world under a critical spatio-temporal lens.

The selected topics in the Singapore-Cambridge ‘A’ level Geography syllabus unite under the broad theme of ‘Sustainability’, and address many urgent concerns facing the world today, including climate change, urban development, tropical environmental management and energy security. Through each topic, students will be immersed into learning experiences that enable them to navigate the intricacies of our complex world. In TJC, Geography is offered at the H1 (8813), H2 (9751) and H3 (9822) Level. Refer to the respective syllabus documents below to find out more!


We adopt an inquiry approach to learning and use a range of engaging teaching methods to equip our students with critical thinking skills and to hone their 21st century key competencies. We are committed to the importance of fieldwork investigations, collaborative learning and supporting our students in achieving their potential. With field trip opportunities to Malaysia and many other locations in Singapore, we expose students to meaningful first-hand geographical experiences and train them to be active learners in the field. They collect authentic data, analyse patterns so as to reach a critical and balance evaluation.

Another key pedagogy is the emphasis on learning though argumentation. Students engage in collaborative activities where they learn to reason, to explain and to challenge claims. As students communicate and defend their explanations, they negotiate meaning and construct new knowledge. In this iterative process, they are cycled back into the pathways of inquiry with new questions to investigate. Through our conceptual and inquiry-driven core curriculum, we are confident students will develop their young voices and minds as a critical geographer.



To enrich the students’ learning experience, we organise numerous learning journeys. For instance, our JC2 students learn about islandwide urban transformations and the role of urban planning during their visit to Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Draft Master Plan 2019 Exhibition. Our students also participate in prestigious national competitions and attend talks by distinguished guest speakers from the field. Every year, a select group of geography students take part in URA’s Challenge for the Urban & Built Environment (CUBE) competition. Students have to come up with an urban plan for a particular site allocated and present it to a panel of judges. Through the years, TJC Geography students have been winning high accolades in the competition. Our Geography@TJC FaceBook and Instagram pages are our way to keep you and our proud TJC Geography alumni in the loop with all matters Geography-related.



Our department unit comprises a team of 4 passionate and professional Geographers who are trained and experienced in customising their lessons to learners of different profiles. Enquiries can be directed to Mr Koh Weining, Head of Department / Humanities (JC) at or Mr Jared Wong, Deputy Head / Humanities (JC) at