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Geography, or geographia in Greek, literally means writing about the Earth. At Temasek JC, our programme aims to instill a spatial and temporal awareness that sensitizes our students to the wonderful and intriguing world around them. Through analysing the interrelations between the physical and human world, we equip students with the necessary skills to look at the world under a critical spatio-temporal lens.


Grounded in the Cambridge ‘A’ level syllabus, students will be immersed into the intricacies of the complex world that they live in. We adopt an inquiry approach to learning and use a wide range of engaging teaching methods. Our students are ensured exposure to presentation and collaboration opportunities, hands-on learning opportunities with Geographical artefacts and they will develop their voice as a Geographer through systematic and inquiry-driven thinking.


With fieldtrip opportunities to Malaysia, Australia and many spots in Singapore, we expose students to meaningful Geographical experiences first hand and train them to be active learners in the field. Our Geography@TJC FaceBook page is our way to keep you in the loop with all matters Geography-related. Our students also participate in prestigious national competitions and attend talks by distinguished guest speakers from the field.