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Have you ever wondered why BTS concert tickets are so expensive? Or why do regular movie tickets cost more than student tickets? In the global landscape, how will the current wave of anti-globalisation impact different economies? The TJC Economics Department invites you to explore and make sense of the happenings around you from the lens of an economist!




The study of A-level Economics centers around the idea of rational decision-making. Across the two years, we will investigate how different economic agents – the consumers, producers and governments make decisions to achieve their respective objectives. We will also equip you with the tools of economic analysis to aid you in analysing economic issues, evaluate perspectives and understanding policy decisions and outcomes. These will provide you with a strong foundation to manage and navigate the complexities and ambiguities of our ever-changing world. In TJC, Economics is offered at the H1 (8823), H2 (9757) and H3 (9809) levels. Refer to the respective syllabus documents below to find out more!



At TJC Economics, we believe in employing teaching strategies that can help students maximise their learning. This motivates the use of a wide range of innovative teaching methods to engage our students both during lectures and tutorials. You can look forward to many real world applications, ranging from big issues such as the US-China trade war, to simpler ideas of why bubble guns generate positive externalities.


Since the rollout of the Student Learning Space (SLS) by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2018, our department has been active in exploring the use of a blended approach towards teaching and learning (the integration of online teaching resources and face-to-face interactions), to ensure that that various difficult concepts are still accessible for our students. In TJC economics lessons, you can look forward to a team of teachers who are constantly striving to innovate to help you develop an economics lens in viewing our world!


To enhance your learning experiences with us, we provide various opportunities for you to participate in a wide range of economics related enrichment activities.

We constantly source and recommend externally organised lectures, workshops and seminars to expand our students’ horizons on the contemporary economic debates. On top of these, we also identify and mentor students to represent our college in various economics competitions.



In addition, we have been bringing in economics practitioners into campus to enrich the learning of our students. Since 2018 we have had the privilege to invite Dr. Walter Theseira, Nominated Member of Parliament and Associate Professor in Economics, to TJC share his thoughts on the Singapore Budget and to engage our students in a discussion on the annual Budget.



Our department comprises a team of 16 committed and fun-loving tutors who are trained and experienced in customising their lessons to learners of different profiles. Enquiries can be directed to Mr Koh Weining, Head of Department / Humanities (JC) at or Ms Melissa Teo, Deputy Head / Humanities (JC) at