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English Literature

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine,” said Emily Dickinson. It is our vision to through Literature to  develop students’ critical and analytical thinking skills, sensitivity to language, and passion for reading. In the process, the subject aims to foster the value of empathy in students because we believe that at the heart of English Literature is the lesson on the human condition.


English Literature focuses on a detailed, technical analysis of literary texts as well as on essay-writing skills. Our students attend lectures and tutorials where they engage in discussions on literary texts and offer arguments on these texts through oral presentations and written work. We encourage discussion-based lessons where our students are responsible for their learning and where they open their minds to various perspectives. 


Beyond the classroom, our students are given the opportunity to take their passion for the subject to another level by participating in Literature Night where they indulge in a night of poetry and sharing with kindred spirits. The Creative Arts Programme is also another outlet for our students to express themselves and they may even be mentored by some of our local writers and have their works published.