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THINK© Cycle

THINK© Cycle pedagogy is a holistic approach that incorporates inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning and project-based learning. It comprise 5 elements: Trigger, Harness, Investigate, Network, Know. The pedagogical approach provides students with experiential learning that expose them to 21CC (3 Domains[1] – CGC, CIT and CCI). Each learning activity, work assignment and authentic transfer task (ATT) may incorporate either all 5 elements of THINK© Cycle or only selected appropriate elements of THINK© Cycle accordingly.

[1] Based on the Standards and Benchmarks for Emerging 21CC © MOE, Singapore, the 3 domains are CGC: Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills; CIT: Critical and Inventive Thinking; CCI: Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills