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Temasek Academy (Science)

Temasek Academy (Science)

Temasek Academy (Science) develops academically talented students in Science. It aims to develop our students to be Critical & Inventive Thinkers; Self-directed & Reflective Learners; Caring & Collaborative Contributors; Effective & Ethical Communicators who are equipped with strong spirit of Scientific Inquiry and Innovative Problem-solving skills. Students are exposed to Critical Thinking Framework that incorporates the Scope of thinking: Elements of Thought (EoT) and the Quality of thinking: Intellectual Standards (IS). The programmes promote the joy of learning through the Design-based Inquiry (DBI) approach that includes dealing with ambiguity, making mistakes and problem-solving. Through the process of deepening learning and stretching imagination, we hope to cultivate the entrepreneurial dare in our students. 

The IP1 to IP4 Temasek Academy (Science) framework adopts the 4Es [Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend] approach. Students at each level will be developed in the above-mentioned skills through a range of modules from core to elective that is categorised under the respective Es. The core and elective modules range from developmental workshops; research projects; participation in science competitions/quizzes; presentation at science conferences/forums locally and overseas; and organisation of science challenge/workshops/booths (Refer to the table below). Students are mentored by Science teachers and some have the opportunities to work with and be mentored by external experts/researchers.

Core Modules
Workshops on Skills Development
- THINK Cycle (Inquiry-based, Problem-based, Project-based learning)
- Observation, Recording, Analysing
- Research
- Communication
Core Modules
Experiment & Research via various platforms and projects:

exploring different independent variables, dependent variables, and variables to be held controlled
Core Modules
Internal Science Competitions

School-based Research 
/ External Research
Core Modules
Organisation of Science Competition

Overseas Science Expedition
[For IP4]
Elective Modules
Learning Journeys
External Science Talks / Conference / Forum
Elective Modules
External Science-related Camps
Elective Modules
External Competitions
[Research, Olympiads, Science Quiz]
Elective Modules
Values-in-Action (VIA) in relation to the learning of Science for others
Programmes & Platform
THINK Challenge | Marine Debris  (Microplastic) Programme | PET Rocket Programme | Microbial Fuel Cell Programme | National Science Challenge | Crystal Growing Programme |
National Crystal Growing Competition | National Environment Quiz | International Biomedical Quiz | International CB Paul Science Quiz | International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) | EZ*ASTAR Science Fair Competition | Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) | National PET Rocket Competition | International PET Rocket Competition | Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) | Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) | Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) | Science Mentorship Programme (SMP) | Nanyang Research Programme (NRP Junior) | Youth Defence Scientist Programme (YDSP) World of Science | YDSP Research Programme | Research Work Experience Programme (WEP) | NUS STEP Technology Camp | NUS Physics Enrichment Camp | Science Chronicles | Overseas Science Expedition