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Higher/Express Chinese

With the objective of nurturing active learners and proficient users of the Chinese Language, we adopt entertaining yet meaningful student-oriented teaching pedagogies and employ engaging materials and activities to guide them to be self-directed and collaborative learners. We aim to nurture effectively bilingual, open-minded, analytical, vocal, passionate and responsible talents who are ready for current challenges. 


Our programme is intricately designed to cultivate in our students the ability to communicate fluently, the skill of application, and more importantly, to cultivate the person, in aspects of moral character and values, and to have care and love for family, society and country. In IP Years 1 and 2, the emphasis of the teaching and learning is to strengthen the students’ linguistic foundations through vocabulary building and text appreciation, developing an interest in reading newspapers and books, and improving verbal communication through discussions and presentations. In IP Years 3 and 4, students will progress to reinforce language skills through detailed text analysis and critique. We will help students boost their exam confidence through bite-sized practices, mock papers and oral training, in order to inculcate skills and competencies required to meet the demands of the Higher Chinese language examination at the national level.


We seek to instill passion for the Chinese language in our students through a wide range of exciting activities. The Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme is a key department event, which encompasses two weeks in the month of April, promoting cultural awareness and increasing students’ knowledge and interest in the learning of the language. Other engaging activities include Learning Journeys, movie appreciation, the Chinese Language Lecture Series and competitions held within and outside of College.