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Language Arts

The Language Arts Programme is our College's unique fusion of English Language, Literature and Current Affairs. The subject aims to give our students exposure to a variety of text types, both Literary and Non-Literary, over a range of mediums. The programme will equip our students with the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to engage with texts, both critically as well as creatively. Finally, we hope to instil in our students a love for reading across the text types.


The teaching of language and literary skills will be done through the examination of overarching questions that serve to contextualize these skills. These questions always start from the individual and work its way beyond to explore how the relationship the individual has with society, the environment and technology. We aim to nurture global citizens who have the ability to form opinions and advocate stands about important issues. This programme will prepare our students for their eventual study of ‘A’ Level subjects such as Project Work, General Paper, English Literature, and Knowledge and Inquiry.


Our students will enjoy a rich experience as they will have the opportunity to learn from visiting authors, poets, and practitioners in the theatre industry; they will also participate in exciting learning journeys which extend their learning beyond the classroom. Furthermore, all IP1 students will also receive training in speaking skills through a Choral Speaking programme which is part of the Language Arts curriculum. Students from all levels will also hone their skills through participating in a wide variety of competitions, seminars and programmes.