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Chinese Language Elective Programme

Since 1990, the Ministry of Education had successively offered the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) in Temasek Junior College, Hwa Chong Junior College, Nanyang Junior College, Jurong Junior College and Dunman High School. This initiative is to encourage students with both interest and talent in Chinese language to pursue an advanced Chinese language and literature course. Being one of the first two junior colleges designated to offer the programme since its inauguration, we have groomed countless outstanding bilingual talents who have since come through our gates.


The CLEP, offered at the Integrated Programme level spans a total of four years, with the first two years at IP Years 3 and 4, stimulates our students’ interest towards Chinese culture and literature. This is to better prepare them for the two-year CLEP in the junior college years, during which they have to offer both Chinese Language and Literature at the H2 and the H3 levels. Beyond the core curriculum comprising language, literature and creative writing, students will have exposure to the culture, history, philosophy and contemporary socio-economic development of China. 


One highlight of the four-year CLEP is the equipping of students to use the language practically as they have the chance of being placed in the College’s Student Ambassador Scheme (SAS). Selected students will have the learning opportunity to receive and host students, teachers and officials from different countries who are visiting the College. 

Other engaging activities include Learning Journeys, movie and drama appreciation, seminars and talks. A key training programme for the students is the translation course where students benefit tremendously from developing this useful skillset. They will also have the opportunity of venturing overseas on an immersion and study trip to China.