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Music Elective Programme

The Music Elective Programme at TJC is designed to nurture each student in their musical inclinations while developing them to be critical and creative thinkers, performers and composers of music. Enriching and extensive learning experiences in the study and application of Music are provided to enable students to attain advanced levels of musicianship, and to deepen their passion and understanding of the study of Music. Each student will become a musician in the truest sense of the word – as an analyst, composer, performer, critic, and researcher.


Our syllabus approaches the study of Music through Music Studies and Music Making. TJC’s curriculum is designed for students to develop breadth and depth in the various skills required for each component. Students get to learn under tutors specialising in the different components of the paper, namely Asian Music, Western Music, Composition (Stylistic imitation and Free composition), and will also have lecture recitals and personal consultations for their performing component. They will acquire other essential 21st Century music skills in music technology, such as music notation software and sound recording, in the process of creating their individual composition portfolios. 


Authentic platforms are provided to develop our students’ musicianship, provide opportunities for them to be practitioners and advocates of the arts, and expose them to tertiary opportunities and career options from industry professionals. Students are provided with regular performance opportunities on various musical platforms: lecture recitals, the annual MEP MOTIF concert series, national and international competitions and the biennial MEP combined concert. There are opportunities to work closely with renowned local and foreign practitioners, including illustrious alumni. TJC’s MEP also offers H3 Music, an intellectually challenging course, which exposes students to a wider scope of music as a discipline, and will be taught in a multi-dimensional approach to ellicit discussion and critical thinking.