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The Art Programme at TJC is an artistic journey for passionate explorations, discoveries and sharing. If Art is about expression, then the challenge for Art students at TJC is the discovery and development of art to a level where they can express themselves in the most powerful way. Art students will find their own artistic and creative inclinations, styles and techniques to make effective artworks. Students will also discover and traverse through a journey of self-discovery, time management as well as creative and critical thinking.


Art students will be exposed to various forms of representations, artists and artworks in the Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) and explore a wide range of artistic media during studio and coursework sessions in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional praxis. While SOVA addresses and challenges students’ visual literacy skills, studio and coursework sessions reflect students’ artistic journey, documenting the process that leads up to a final work of art.


To satisfy the appreciation aspect of Art, our students will get the opportunity to visit various museums and exhibitions in Singapore pertinent to the area of study. There are also volunteer opportunities for students at various art events such as Art Stage Singapore, a regional art fair that hosts international galleries and their artworks. In further enriching our students’ experience, they will also be engaged in competitions such as UOB Painting of the Year and the Singapore Youth Festival. Where relevant, students will also attend talks or seminars that expose them to local and foreign artists, so as to deepen their artistic skills and gain industry insights.